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Double Cheque S1 Ep6: Tomide Adesanmi

Tomide Adesanmi is the co-founder and CEO of Circuit Mind, a deep tech company that intends to help electronic engineers by rapidly producing circuit boards.

Tomide and his team are changing the game with the way they approach AI technology and he details the work that they do at Circuit Mind in this episode. He then shares his experience at Entrepreneur First and how he and Basilio initially came together. Tomide also discusses their fundraising journey, acquiring Google funding and what their next milestone is.

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  • How Tomide met his co-founder Basilio at Entrepreneur First

  • The challenge of building an MVP for a technically complex problem

  • Tomide’s insight on raising up to 2 million euros in funding


Show Notes

  • [00:16] Introducing Tomide

  • [01:11] What role does instinct play in Tomide’s decision making? How does he know when to act on them?

  • [02:30] How does Tomide react to mistakes made due to acting on an instinct?

  • [04:49] What is the hiring process like at Circuit Mind?

  • [06:05] What is Entrepreneur First and why did Tomide decide to join the company?

  • [06:57] How does Entrepreneur First work? Do the entrepreneurs in the company exchange ideas beforehand?

  • [08:21] How did Tomide meet his co-founder Basilio? How did they get along at first?

  • [10:07] What is the idea behind Circuit Mind and how did Tomide create an MVP for such a complicated product?

  • [11:46] How has Tomide’s fundraising journey been so far? How did Entrepreneur First help in landing investors?

  • [12:55] How much has Tomide’s team raised so far? What is the next milestone for them?

  • [14:03] How did they sign on Google to be one of Circuit Mind’s investors? How did the journey play out?

  • [15:23] What has been the next big challenge after securing funding?

  • [16:46] How much time and money is spent on the design of neural circuits?

  • [18:02] How will the rapid development in AI technology affect jobs in the industry? Will engineers be able to retain their jobs?

  • [21:57] How did Tomide get his start as an entrepreneur?

  • [23:42] What is one recent habit Tomide has changed?

  • [25:06] What is the life of a CEO like?

  • [26:50] What does Tomide believe in more: making someone a part of the work culture long-term or bringing somebody into the same work culture from the get-go?

  • [29:57] When do startup founders think about their exit?

  • [31:24] What does retirement look like for Tomide?

  • [33:42] If Tomide could write a cheque to any startup or person, who would it be and why?

  • [35:59] Which event in Tomide’s life led him to the idea of creating something so impactful or evolutionary?

  • [37:53] If Tomide can choose an individual or organization that can invest in Circuit Mind, who would it be and why?

  • [38:36] Closing remarks


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