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Double Cheque S1 Ep3: Chris Mjelde

Chris Mjelde is the CEO of Verdn, a SaaS startup that helps e-commerce stores go sustainable. He previously co-founded Atlas sunglasses, a sustainable eyewear brand.

Discover how Verdn is leading the way in sustainability through partnering with e-commerce stores, the environmental matters that need the most attention right now and the current state of the green tech space, and why doing cold outreach is a lot harder than you think.

In this episode we discuss:

- The Verdn story so far, including finding customers, raising funding and more

- Chris’s take on the sustainability sector and how it’s developing

- How Chris thinks about building a great team and the lessons he’s learned so far


Show Notes

  • [00:47] What is Verdn? Where did the idea of creating a product that enables ecommerce stores to go sustainable come from?

  • [06:40] How did Chris and Rory decide if their MVP (minimum viable product) was ready for release? What other features do they intend on adding to the software?

  • [08:20] Why was finding customers a challenge for Chris and what did he do to overcome it?

  • [11:38] How are Verdn tasks delegated between Chris and Rory?

  • [14:07] Have there been changes to Chris’ approach in getting new customers? What new strategies has he tried employing?

  • [16:19] How did Chris get into green tech?

  • [18:01] What Chris thinks of the current state of the green tech industry and what developments he has his eyes on

  • [21:30] What does Verdn possess that sets them apart from competing companies?

  • [23:56] What is the consumer experience like when you buy a product that has a Verdn pledge?

  • [25:48] How did Chris’ dad influence him as a child that ultimately led him to where he is today? Who are the other people in his life that he views as influences?

  • [28:08] What does the process of applying for Y Combinator funding look like?

  • [31:47] What’s a day in the life like for Chris? Does he have a set schedule and has working from home been advantageous for him?

  • [35:46] What challenges have the business and the owners faced so far?

  • [39:01] What has been the most difficult part in terms of raising funds and finding investors?

  • [43:29] If Chris were to write a check to any person or startup companies, who would he sign it to?

  • [44:49] If Chris could choose anyone to write him or Verdn a check, who would it be and why?

  • [46:00] Closing remarks


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