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Double Cheque S1 Ep2: Owen Thompson Dredge

Owen Thompson Dredge is the CEO of London Stock Photography and Photo Guru a global resource of Post Production and support services for real estate photographers and realtors.

The industry of photography is ever-changing and Owen is a witness to it. He discusses how he got his start in the industry, the uncertain state of events photography that is largely due to the pandemic, and how his startup Photo Guru is revolutionizing the way photographers work. He also shares his thoughts on the impact of smartphones and social media to photography and how he juggles his time overseeing teams spread out across the globe.

In this episode we discuss:

- How Owen found his niche in the real estate market

- How smartphones and photosharing apps have changed the photography industry

- Owen’s experience managing a remote first team with 75 full time staff spread all over the world


Show Notes

  • [00:05] Introducing Owen

  • [01:05] What role does instinct play in Owen’s decision making? How does he know when to act on them?

  • [02:46] Owen’s decision making process and the involvement of his team

  • [03:52] How did Owen first get into photography?

  • [07:46] How is the team’s experience working remotely?

  • [10:03] Do they see themselves going back to the office as soon as the opportunity presents itself?

  • [11:59] What is the idea behind Photo Guru?

  • [16:29] How does Photo Guru maintain such a huge team funding-wise? How did they manage without external funding?

  • [19:32] How does Owen manage running two businesses at the same time?

  • [24:15] How did the advent of smartphones and their exceptional cameras change the world of photography?

  • [27:47] How does social media affect photography?

  • [31:18] If Owen could invest in any company or person, which would he choose and why?

  • [33:58] If Owen can choose anyone to invest in his business, who would that person be?

  • [35:24] Closing remarks


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