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Double Cheque S1 Ep1 : Sally Johnson & Sam Beavis

Sally Johnson and Sam Beavis are the founders of Wolf Escape Rooms, a company that creates interactive escape room experiences. They previously co-founded media business Sandboxx, producing high quality animation for some of the world's largest brands.

The pandemic has been a period of uncertainties, but this also gave Sam and Sally the time to figure out what they really wanted to do. The decision to start their virtual escape room business was made rather quickly, and the next thing you know they were out to pursue the next big thing.

While their startup is still new, Sam and Sally never felt regret taking the leap and working on something they’re passionate about. The fear of the present may be there, but in Sam’s words, progress also builds confidence. And that is why they’re here to stay.

In this episode we discuss:

- Sam & Sally’s secrets for a good co-founding partnership

- Dealing with the challenge of doing creative work & managing others as a business scales

- Sally and Sam’s insight into the world of escape rooms and what they’re looking to create


Show Notes

  • [00:03] Introducing Sam and Sally

  • [01:07] What role does instinct play in Sam and Sally’s decision making? How crucial is it to test that instinct before ultimately deciding on something?

  • [03:59] How being perfectionists keep Sam and Sally’s overthinking in check

  • [05:02] How long have Sam and Sally been working together?

  • [06:38] What were Sally’s initial thoughts upon joining Sandboxx Animation? How did Sam help Sally get up to speed?

  • [09:16] What did they enjoy the most about working with brands? What are some of their takeaways from that experience?

  • [12:20] What piece of work during Sandboxx Animation are Sam and Sally most proud of?

  • [14:44] How did the idea of working on virtual escape rooms come about?

  • [19:13] What are the main differences between physical escape rooms and online ones?

  • [22:07] What challenges have they encountered while working on the escape rooms? How do Sam and Sally collaborate?

  • [24:36] What was the idea behind their first room?

  • [28:02] How did they end up choosing Wolf as their company name? What factors did they consider during the brainstorming process?

  • [32:33] What led Sam and Sally to transition to Wolf while Sandboxx Animation was still at its peak?

  • [37:48] If Sam and Sally were to write a check to any person or startup company, who would they sign it to?

  • [40:55] If they could choose anyone to write them and their company a check, who would it be and why?

  • [43:43] Closing remarks


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